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The Library is now open!

Welcome back to all our students in years 8, 9, 10 and 11 plus our sixth form returners

PLUS a MASSIVE welcome to our new year 7’s and Year 12’s… I hope you love being at TCOLC and using the library.

Students can come to the library to browse and borrow books at breaks, lunchtimes and after school until 4 pm. Students are also welcome to use the library for reading or quiet study or to do homework. The library is extremely busy at the moment as lots of you want to borrow books and this is fantastic!

However, please only come to the library if you want to borrow/return a book, read or study as we do want to keep the library as a quiet safe place for you all

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Top Ten borrowed Books – April/May Half Term

A short half term sees all of our Reading Rampage book (bar one) fall from the top ten… We are taking part in the Carnegie children’s book awards and so many of our top ten are Carnegie nominated books, though Dog Man and The Diary of a Wimpy Kid are making a strong come back…. Next time it will be a whole year top ten…. looking forward to that!